online piano lessons



Online teaching can be another way to have your piano lessons. Especially with the recent events these last few months, a lot of musicians changed their way of teaching.

Whatever if you are in Derby and want your piano lessons online for safety reasons regarding Coronavirus (I invite you to read my safeguarding about face-to-face lessons regarding the Covid-19 situation by clicking here), or you are living too far for having a face to face lessons, the online lessons are a very practical way to have lessons with the teacher you choose!

It is very fun and a nice way to enjoy the comfort of your home while having your lessons.

I have 2 cameras allowing you to see my hands on the keyboard during the lessons.

Just in case you wonder what you need for online piano lessons, Even if having a microphone and a decent connexion helps for having a fluent piano lesson, a tablet would be enough.

I use an app called Whereby and it is really safe and private. If you are more comfortable, it is possible to add you as a silent participant to the lesson of your child. You will be able to see and hear everything for the lesson but not be able to interact or have your camera on. The student will see that you are connected, it is impossible to add another person to the session without all the participant being aware of it.

If you are interested in piano lessons online, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will provide all the info you need to have your first piano lesson. You will see, it is very easy!