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Music shops in the area

Hi all


My name is Dominic Scohy and I’m providing piano lessons in Derby.

Today I would like to talk about useful places in Derby.

There is a list of music shops in Derbyshire and Nottingham.

Of course, there are probably a few shops that I will not mention here and the reason for that is that I speak about the one I know.


Foulds Piano shop

Foulds music shop logo

I’m going to introduce Foulds music shop to you, even if I don’t know if it will be really necessary!

Charles Foulds opened the first shop in Nottingham in 1893!

They rapidly had massive success and moved to Derby. Yes, Derby used to be a place to be for music scene!

Today the shop specializes in retailing all sorts of instruments, repairing, maintaining, a very large choice of sheets music and orchestral instruments.

Each member of the staff is a specialist in their area and all very good musicians.

They are really reliable and very good at their jobs.

Recently, the shop changed and a lot of new very exciting things started to happen.

First of all the shop will now be divided into 2. The piano shop is managed by the very nice Danny Jackson.

The shop will now specialize in piano, digital piano, sheet music, and orchestral instruments.

They are also looking for a new building to carry on with their activities.

Foulds music shop will be even more a central place for music as they will host events, masterclasses, concerts, workshops,…

Anything that can promote music life in Derby!

I couldn’t recommend them more!


Clements piano


Clement piano's logo




Clements is a very nice shop with a great showroom!

They have a massive choice of instruments there!

They are based in Nottingham and they are very easy people to talk to. whatever if you are a beginner or advanced, they always take the time you need to find the right instrument for you.

A few of my students have been there on my recommendation and they haven’t been disappointed at all!

I couldn’t recommend them more!

There is the link to their WEBSITE

Foulds guitar shop


I don’t have many things to say about them as they are not fully installed yet.

But just know that the guitar department of the actual Foulds music shop will be in a different building and that it will have a new manager.

I can’t say more for the moment, but all I can say is that it will be also a very nice and very active place for music!

As soon as the shop will open I will add information about it in this article.


Edward Knowles  piano tuner

Located in Belper, they specialize in piano tuning and piano maintenance.

They have a variety of seconds hand pianos that they restored themselves. It is a very good place to find a piano with a lot of “personality”.

They are really friendly and reliable as well.

Have a visit on their website, but it is better to have a look by yourself and pay them a little visit.


It is a small article about music shops in Derbyshire.


Before I conclude this article, I would like to give my point of view about buying online and in a music shop.

First of all, in a music shop, you can actually see and try the instrument you want to buy! This is a really important point!

Also, when a music shop is as specialize as Foulds is for example, then you know that their advice will be good and adapted to your profile.

Finally, if you buy a piano online and there is a default with it, good luck to contact the company and send back your instrument!

Trying your instrument before purchase is as important as trying clothes before you buy them, or a car!

That’s all folks!

Next article will be more related to piano playing, practice and my lessons.

Have fun!