Students performance


My name is Dominic and I am a piano teacher providing piano lessons in Derby or online.

This page is dedicated to my student’s performance.

I have to say that I’m really proud of what they achieve!


Ash is playing a little jazzy duet with me. Really fun and nice. Well done Ash! 





Dom is playing Debussy’s Passepied from the suite Bergamesque during his lesson! Very expressive and warm playing, well done Dom!



This is a recording of Becky playing the third movement of the Mozart sonata in C-Major at one of the student concerts that I organized.

She learned the piece in less than 3 weeks. Good job!



Dom my student (not me) playing the Chopin study in A-flat Major. Amazing Job Dom!






Jamie playing a piece from grade 1 for his first year of piano! Very nice playing!




Dom improvising on 2 piano blues in a masterclass that I organized with the amazing Midlands Jazz pianist Matt Ratcliffe!





From here, you will see recordings of part of the pieces played during the lessons. I recorded this very spontaneously!

They play amazingly well!


This is Ben playing his first blues improvisation ever! A very good job and fun playing! 



My student Dom playing a work in progress, the very beautiful but very demanding J.S. Bach’s fugue in f-minor from the Book II of the prelude and fugue.

Good job Dom!



Jamie is playing “Rideaux lunaires” Composed by the amazing Chilly Gonzales!



An other piece composed by Chilly Gonzales called “Othello”




There you go! I hope you enjoyed their playing! just a reminder, my name is Dominic Scohy and I am a piano teacher providing piano lessons in Derby or online.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.