Do you teach any age and level?

Absolutely, there are no restrictions! Everyone who wants to have piano lessons are welcome!

I teach beginner and I prepare students for an audition in different conservatoire and university with a very good success rate and I teach from very beginner to that level and above.

I teach adults beginner and advanced pianist who wants to play for fun.


What are the one-to-one theory and group lesson?

The one-to-one theory lesson is a personal lesson for learning theory, for an exam or just for a better understanding of music.

The group lesson has the same objective but in a very different way to approach the subject.

I insist to bring a maximum of fun in the group, and it is a nice way to play polyphony.

We are covering:

  • Better reading skill
  • How to identified rhythm patterns
  • Harmony
  • Stage fright
  • Analyzing music (the pieces that the students play or other musical works)
  • Improvisation and composition

Music is a social activity and I insist to create a real cohesion with each group I teach.

The group lesson is also a good way to afford an instrument lesson plus 90 minutes of harmony and theory lessons at a smaller cost. The group lesson is £15/90 minutes of lessons.


What is included with the price of the lessons?

Well, what you can see from your theory or piano lesson is the small part of the iceberg.

On my side, I prepare my lessons, I tailor my tuition for each student, I organize students concerts (one per term), I maintain the instruments and all the admin work that teaching music privately require, I have the chance to work with Foulds piano music shop and I can organize many events, like workshop, conferences,…

My students are the first to take benefit from all those activities.

You are also paid for an experienced musician with a lifetime skill.

And of course, you are booking a timeslot that is dedicated to you.


What is the different formula you offer for piano lessons?

There is 3 formula for the one-to-one piano lessons:

  • 30 minutes of lessons
  • 45 minutes of lessons
  • 60 minutes or more

30 minutes is ideal for a beginner, especially children.

60 minutes is ideal for those who want to have a deeper understanding of music, I also have some adult beginner who wants to have 60 minutes from the start. It helps a lot, but it is not essential. I have some students who have 120 minutes of lessons as well, but it is for advanced students who want to prepare exams or auditions.

Whatever your profile is, I will be happy to discuss with you and find the appropriate formula adapted to your need.


What events do you prepare?

I prepare events in Derby linked with music.

I invite different specialists in their area to talk, play, teach in a masterclass,…

All those events are really interesting and fun.

And of course regular concerts for my students.

I invite you to follow my facebook page to be able to follow all the update about the different events taking place.

All those events are taking place in Foulds piano shop


Do I need an instrument at home for piano lessons?

Having an instrument at home will help you to progress quicker. I know that some teachers say that you don’t need an instrument at home when you start the piano or any other instrument, but it is important to understand that learning an instrument is like learning a language and you need to be able to practice what you learn on the lesson at home.

You don’t have to invest in a very expansive instrument.

If you want to know more about it, I invite you to consult my blog. I wrote an article about the different piano you can find on the market:

How to choose your first piano/Keyboard

Or don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Also, I invite you to contact Max George, the manager of Foulds piano shop. He is really nice and very helpful.



For any other questions, I invite you to contact me, via email, phone or my Facebook page