Covid-19 safeguarding

Regarding the recent events these last few months I can easily understand that you might express concern regarding the safeguarding for face-to-face piano lessons with me or any other teachers.

I would like you to know that I take the pandemic very seriously and I have put in place a small number of rules for having a safe and enjoyable piano lesson:

  • Anyone older than 12 years old has to wear a mask (if you can’t for a medical reason please let me know)
  • I ask the parents to wait outside but they can follow the lessons by the window from their car. We can have a small chat after the piano lesson at the entrance.
  • I ask every student to leave their bags, coats, and shoes in the hallway
  • I will always wear a mask!
  • I take a couple of minutes to clean; seat, keyboard, and the piano between each lesson. That will not reduce the time of the lesson.
  • I provide hands sanitizer before each lesson. However, if you are allergic to hands sanitizer, you can use the bathroom to wash your hands before the lesson.
  • The room is ventilated constantly

Of course, those rules are able to change regarding the government and the WHO recommendations.


I have to say that nearly all my students are now back to face to face and everything has been very nice and fun!

If you have any other questions about my piano lessons in Derby, please don’t hesitate to contact me