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Are online piano lessons any good?

Are online piano lessons any good?


“Are online piano lessons any good?” by asking that question we are actually asking:

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“Are online piano lessons better than face-to-face lessons?”

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, we have all learned to use online resources a lot more.

As a piano teacher, I had to start teaching online obviously.

Did I prefer it? was it more comfortable?

I need to be clear on this, I absolutely prefer face-to-face lessons! Music is about sharing and passing energy.

It is very hard to pass any energy to someone through a screen!

Let’s try to look at the pros and cons of online piano lessons versus face-to-face lessons!

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let’s start with the pros:

  • Online lessons are better than no lessons at all
  • Online lessons cost less as you don’t have to travel
  • Some teachers also work with videos, not in a live session. Students record themselves playing and the teacher records advice and tips. The good thing is that you can go at your own pace and replay the lesson as many times as you want.
  • You have lessons from the comfort of your home

And this is all the positive point that I can think of…

I know, not much right?

Well, let’s see the cons now:

  • The most important thing is, if the student doesn’t have a good camera and a good sound system, it might be very hard to teach. With a bad camera or a very restricted view, your teacher can’t see your hands properly or your posture, or which finger number you use on a fast run. This means that you will have to stop and decompose the run note per note to show your teacher which fingers you use. The sound system is very important. Personally, as a music teacher, I think that it is just a very bad marking from a professional point of view to have a very bad sound system online. I always make sure that I have good Microphones, at least two cameras to show my hands and myself in high definition. I also need a very good internet connexion and good hardware. All of This costs money, but I’m a professional, so if I choose to teach online a lot it is a good investment. But for a student, is it really what you need? Because don’t forget that a student needs to be heard by the teacher. During the lockdown, I had a very hard time with a lot of students, because they didn’t have any good connexions or the sound was very bad, or I couldn’t see anything,… When the lockdown finishes, all my students were very happy to go back face-to-face. I’m a piano teacher providing piano lessons in Derby
  • Online, showing something to a student can take 5 or 10 minutes and face-to-face it would take 5 seconds! Literally!
  • We are not talking about motivation!
You have noticed that I don’t particularly like online lessons…

Online lessons can be great if you want to have a few lessons with a particular teacher on a very specific subject and he doesn’t live nearby or on the other side of the world!

But in the long run, I think you shouldn’t expect any results from it.

In conclusion, It is proof that even with all the technologies and connexions that we have at our disposal, nothing will replace real human contact. Music is all about sharing, it is a solitary activity that we need to share with others.

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